Why “Altrigen”?

So how did you get the name Altrigen?

It’s a question we are asked regularly, after all, its fairly unpronounceable, and gets mistaken for the place Altricham quite often, although that s a couple of hundred miles away from us.

Its origins derive from an anagram of the word triangle, and since we were formed way back in the halcyon days of the year 2000, when aeroplanes had just been saved from falling out of the skies and computer systems had been rescued by computer consultants like us, it seemed pretty cool at the time. Also, the company had been formed by three people, which made sense, triangle meaning three – It could have been worse, an anagram of Tripod for example. And names were difficult to find. After all, we weren’t spending millions on branding as the Saatchi brothers had fallen out at the time.

But since then, its rationalised into an approach that really spells out what we do, as we like to think, as a client facing organisation, that we’ve turned the traditional customer facing approach on its head.

And no, we’re not masons, cult members or partners in some bizarre sect, although I used to be a big fan of the Alan Parsons Project in my younger days! we are just dedicated I.T. professionals who believe in technology for business and putting the customer first.

Anyway, its stuck with us, and since its on our web site and letter heads, business cards and the like, It doesn’t look like its going to change anytime soon. And we’ve grown to like it, and what we stand for – the best in I.T. systems and service. I hope you do too.
Paul Frear, Managing Director, Altrigen Solutions Limited