Data Security

Your business data is your investment in time, customer relations and business growth.

Not only does a lack of data security have a detrimental effect on the commercial viability of your business, you may also be liable to prosecution if you have not taken the necessary steps to safeguard ciustomer and employee data.

Business critical data can be easily or transferred from your site – see the potential data risks box for examples.

What can be done?

There are a number of common sense things first – ensuring strict user security and strong password regimes. Physical security – locking away servers in secure rooms, and not leaving networked computers in unattended areas.

Altrigen provide a number of security solutions to lock down devices to prevent data from being copied to them. This includes USB hard drives and memory sticks, mobile phones and optical devices (DVDRW, CDRW).

A number of policy groups can be configured, to allow different levels of access to different groups of users.

These solutions provide a single use override password provided by a systems administrator for when data may be copied for a legitimate purpose.

What about emails?

We can also prevent file attachments being sent via email, and control the content of actual emails themselves. See our page on email management for further details.

What about encryption?

Data encryption makes data on stolen laptops, usb drives and memory sticks completely useless. Altrigen recommend a number of encryption solutions depending on the level of security required, ranging from encryption of certain data files, email encryption, notebook data encryption to whole disk encryption, a technique where the entire hard drive, including operating system is encrypted and can only be operated using a predetermined pass key.

Altrigen provide encryption and data security solutions for a number of clients where the security of sensitive data concerning indivials is of the utmost importance, including debt management companies, legal and financial organisations and a number of charities and hostels.