Email Management

Altrigen recommend MailMarshal Email Gateway Security Software

MailMarshal acts as an email gateway to your organisation by filtering all incoming and outgoing email at your network/Internet perimeter.

MailMarshal blocks incoming email threats such as spam, phishing, viruses, malware and Denial of Service attacks. MailMarshal also enforces acceptable use policies and ensures compliance with data leakage prevention policies.

MailMarshal can be deployed as a single standalone solution, or multiple geographically distributed MailMarshal servers can be easily configured in an array to support the largest of enterprise environments with minimal administration.

MailMarshal SMTP is the world’s most capable, powerful and scalable email security system. It is renowned for its ease of use, performance and reliability. According to many MailMarshal customers, “it just does what it says it does on the box”. MailMarshal is utilised by more than forty percent of the Global Fortune 500 companies.

The benefits of MailMarshal

Secures your email gateway against all threats
MailMarshal restores the real business value in email by making it safe and efficient to use. MailMarshal’s multi layered Defense-in-Depth anti-spam engine protects against all email threats including blocking spam, phishing, viruses, Trojans, worms, denial-of-service attacks, directory harvesting attacks and spoofed messages.

Delivers rapid Return on Investment
Comprehensive and meaningful management reports highlight anti-spam and security effectiveness as well as identify attempted policy breaches, enabling system administrators to demonstrate a rapid return on investment.

Provides low Total Cost of Ownership
Easy deployment, minimal administration overhead, consolidation of all email security functions into a single management interface, along with Zero-Day security updates and detailed but clear reporting, are all part of what makes MailMarshal the ultimate email security solution.

Fulfill compliance obligations and data leakage prevention policies
MailMarshal enables organisations to place restrictions on who can send confidential information via email, what data can be sent and ensures that sensitive communications are secured against prying eyes. MailMarshal also provides context-sensitive email archiving such as storing all messages on a related topic or all email exchanges with specific domains.

Provides unrivalled legal liability protection
Inappropriate or offensive content is filtered out of incoming email and outgoing email is automatically checked for policy compliance. MailMarshal allows enterprises to demonstrate that all reasonable measures to protect employees and consistently enforce policies are in place.

Improves network efficiency and saves costs
By controlling bandwidth consumption, MailMarshal maintains consistent and reliable network performance and prevents excessive non-business email use.

Improves employee productivity
Implementing MailMarshal means that employees spend less time managing spam and helps organisations enforce acceptable use policies to control sending personal email or other time-wasting, non-business activities.

Safeguards business reputation
MailMarshal upholds organisational acceptable use policies. It prevents the unauthorised distribution of confidential or sensitive information via email and ensures that users are not in a position to embarrass your organisation through defamation or inappropriate email use.

Creates a safer working environment for employees
Through consistent and thorough application of security and acceptable use policies, issues such as harassment become totally preventable.