Desktop and notebook

Altrigen can provide the best deals on the latest PCs, notebooks, tablet PCs and netbooks. See our peripherals page for complementary items to go with your new PC.

Free installation

Altrigen provide free configuration and installation for all PCs and notebooks we supply to our maintenance and support clients. This service includes joining your server domain and configuring wireless and cabled networking where required. We can also pre-install or on-site configure your required software applications on request. All you need to do is order a Pc, and we do the rest.}

  • Desktop PCs

    Altrigen provide desktop PCs for business and CAD use from Lenovo, Hewlet Packard, Fujitsu Siemens and Acer.

  • Notebook Pcs

    All sizes of notebook Pcs are available, from ultralight and portable units to serious business workstations.

  • Netbooks

    Netbooks provide the ultimate in portability and battery life, for acess to the web and cloud based applicatio

  • Tablet PCs

    Tablet Pcs from HP, Sony and Acer for specialist applications.