Failover Systems

Altrigen take disaster recovery to the next level with full failover solutions.

By partnering with leading software vendor Doubletake, Altrigen are able to provide robust server solutions with real-time replication and failover.

Double-Take® for Windows is an affordable and easy-to-use software product that provides real-time data replication and failover for your physical and virtual servers. Double-Take captures byte-level changes in real time and replicates them to your disaster recovery server, either locally or across the globe. Double-Take provides proven, flexible, and reliable data protection and failover for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Double-Take for data replication and failover is the leading solution of choice to protect primary or business critical servers such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), Oracle, SAP, and more. Since it is application and hardware independent, Double-Take allows you to perform data replication and failover from any hardware to any hardware, between vendors, SAN, LAN, NAS, and even between Windows operating systems.


Key Double-Take Features:

Full-Server Failover.
Maximize uptime with the Full-Server Failover feature which transfers your OS configuration, applications and data to your target server.

Enterprise Install Console.
Helps you deploy and maintain your Double-Take installations on servers throughout your enterprise.

Double-Take Application Manager (DTAM)
Utilize the intelligence of DTAM and configure protection and do a pre-flight check in just four clicks.

Double-Take® Livewire Option
a streamlined, full-server data protection add-on for Double-Take® that reduces costs by simplifying installation and restoration. When it’s time to recover, Livewire allows you to configure and perform full-server recovery quickly, to physically dissimilar hardware or virtual servers, with added validation steps to make sure recovery will go as planned. Double-Take Livewire Option can also be used to migrate a server to different hardware, allowing you to use licenses for disaster recovery.

Further information
If you are interested in learning more about Double-Take for data replication and failover, please or call us on 0845 1303041.