IT Leasing

No matter how big or small your business might be, you will always need I.T. equipment. Leasing I.T. equipment is one option that allows you to get the things you need for your business, without having to pay for the items up front.

Leasing can provide a tax efficient and effective way of funding new I.T. equipment providing fixed repayments, minimal deposits and fixed rates.

How Altrigen can help

Altrigen use the main I.T. finance companies to arrange leasing for you to spread payments for hardware and software solutions.

Savvy business owners have used leasing as a money saving strategy for years, and as a method to get the latest equipment .

What do the experts think?

In an article on Small Business Computing Keith Kendall of HP Financial Services offered this general guideline on leasing computers:

“ If it’s an appreciating asset…, then you invest cash in it. If it’s an asset that loses value over time [like IT equipment], you invest somebody else’s cash in it. “

In reality, only you can know what is best for your business. For advice, speak to Altrigen, and consult your accountant or financial advisor.