Remote Access

Companies provide secure access to head office systems for many reasons, the simplest being to access emails on the move. But there are so many more sound business benefits to using a proper remote access and connectivity solution.

Empower remote users

Link remote offices together using virtual private networking (vpn) technology. Altrigen can provide a Communications Server running Terminal Services or Citrix to provide access to head office database systems, Financial Accounting packages, Management Information Systems and Customer Relationship software at speeds similar to those experienced by local users. You can even access systems and data using your smartphone.

What is a Communications Server ?

A communications server connects locally to your main systems server, and and is used to run applications which would conventionally run on your remote PC. Since all that passes across the remote connection are mouse movements, keystrokes and screen images, the performance is similar that expected if you were physically at the head office.

This allows satellite and home office users to access database, crm and financial applications which may otherwise be unusably slow. This can also give a new lease of life to legacy systems which could otherwise be unusable.

My team connect remotely now, but its very slow – What should I do next?

Call Altrigen today on 0845 1303041 or email From VPN solutions, Terminal Server or Citrix, or one of the many other solutions we have delivered – We will help you decide which remote access solution is best for YOUR business.