On-site Computer Support

An engineer on-site when you need one.

Many physical I.T. issues need an on-site presence.Our support packages include on-site support from a qualified hardware engineer, with no additional call out charges or costs.

Our engineers tackle many different I.T. issues every day, and are fully trained and carry the latest equipment.

Each engineer holds a range of spare parts, to suit most standardised Pcs and HP or IBM servers, in addition to networking equipment, firewalls and routers.

Common issues requiring on-site support

Hardware malfunction, for example, a failure of a server or PC hard drive, power supply or memory requires an on site engineer. If remote access is unavailable, because of network problems, we will dispatch an engineer immediately.

If your server has failed, we will organise an engineer as a matter of course, as your business can suffer if your server is down for any length of time. Our helpdesk manager will choose with you the most expedient course of action.

Installation services

Of course, you need an on-site visit if you have arranged to use our installation services.

We can install PCs, printers and notebooks you have purchased from us as part of your maintenance contract, at no extra charge.

Servers and networking equipment can be installed and configured as part of a new project or upgrade.