Recent Testimonials- September 2011 – Quality Freight Services

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Recent Testimonials- September 2011 – Quality Freight Services

by Hannah Jackson
September 22, 2011

It’s nice to hear from another happy customer :-

Quality Freight Services

We somewhat blindly stuck with our old IT supplier until, out of exasperation, we couldn’t take any more.
Subsequently we found Altrigen, and they’ve been a complete revelation.

All their people have a great ‘can do’ attitude backed with the knowledge and skills to actually be as good as their word.

There’s no fuss or ambiguity, and although it sounds a little clichéd, we really are kicking ourselves that we settled for mediocrity, without knowing any better, for so long.

I would happily recommend Altrigen to anyone without a moments hesitation, confident in the knowledge that they’ll do a great job.

In fact I could offer no greater testimonial that to say I have recommended them to my wife’s dental surgery business.

Martin Johnson, Managing Director, Quality Freight Services

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