Save money with Blackberry Enterprise Server Express

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Save money with Blackberry Enterprise Server Express

by Hannah Jackson
June 14, 2010


With the recent launch of BESX, the FREE version of Blackberry Enterprise Server, users on the BIS tariff can now take advantage of the full seamless integration that BES provides.

Blackberry have recently launched a replacement for their Blackberry Professional Software (BES Lite), with the following major advantages

1. No licensing costs (currently £99 per additional handset)
2. Improved handset browser / software
3. Works on a BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) tariff*

*Current BES tariff ranges from £20-£35 per handset per month
BIS tariff is approx £5-£8 per handset per month (up to 1GB data pm)

We estimate 5 users transferring from BES to BIS can save up to £150 per month, or up to £1,800 each year.

If you would like to take advantage of the improved connectivity to your works email (use your works email address from your BB handset), security and seamless synchronisation, please contact me on

This solution only works with Exchange mail server solutions, so Lotus Domino and Novell Groupwise will have to opt for the traditional BES software.

Altrigen provide a full service, from advice and planning of your Blackberry Infrastructure, full installation service from scratch, or migration from an existing BES installation. We can install additional server hardware if necessary, and provide a full after sales support service, which includes re-activation of replacement handsets where required.

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